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Intradermal injection of human adipose-derived stem cells accelerates skin wound healing in nude mice
Rodriguez J, Boucher F, Lequeux C, Josset-Lamaugarny A, Rouyer O, Ardisson O, Rutschi H, Sigaudo-Roussel D, Damour O, Mojallal A.

A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Double Venous Anastomosis in Free Flaps
Riot S, Herlin C, Mojallal A, Garrido I, Bertheuil N, Filleron T, Somda S, Grolleau JL, Lopez R, Chaput B.

Post-traumatic chronic bone and joint infection caused by Butyricimonas spp, and treated with high doses of ertapenem administered subcutaneously in a 30-year-old obese man
Ferry T, Laurent F, Ragois P, Chidiac C; Lyon BJI Study Group.

A systematic review and meta-analysis of perforator-pedicled propeller flaps in lower-extremity defects: identification of risk factors for complications.
Bekara F, Herlin C, Mojallal A, Sinna R, Ayestaray B, Letois F, Chavoin JP, Garrido I, Grolleau JL, Chaput B.

Bilateral hand transplantation: Functional benefits assessment in five patients with a mean follow-up of 7.6 years (range 4-13 years).
Bernardon L, Gazarian A, Petruzzo P, Packham T, Guillot M, Guigal V, Morelon E, Pan H, Dubernard JM, Rizzo C, Feugier P, Streichenberger T, Bincaz L, Urien JP, Mezzadri G, Rousselon T, Plotard F, Seulin C, Braye F, Mojallal A, Herzberg G, Kanitakis J, Abrahamyan D, Kay S, Badet L.

In vitro and in vivo biocompatibility, bioavailability and tolerance of an injectable vehicle for adipose-derived stem/stromal cells for plastic surgery indications.
Lequeux C, Rodriguez J, Boucher F, Rouyer O, Damour O, Mojallal A, Auxenfans C.

Pathways commonly dysregulated in mouse and human obese adipose tissue: FAT/CD36 modulates differentiation and lipogenesis.
Berger E, Héraud S, Mojallal A, Lequeux C, Weiss-Gayet M, Damour O, Géloën A.

For the First Time, a National Health Authority Provides Official Recommendations for Autologous Fat Grafting in the Breast.
Chaput B, Mojallal A, Vaysse C, Lopez R, de Bonnecaze G.

Chronic enterococcal spinal implant infection 6 years after instrumentation of a severe scoliosis in a 22-year-old woman.
Virot E, Barrey C, Chidiac C, Ferry T; Lyon Bone and Joint Infection Study group.

Autologous fat grafting for cosmetic breast augmentation: a systematic review.
Voglimacci M, Garrido I, Mojallal A, Vaysse C, Bertheuil N, Michot A, Chavoin JP, Grolleau JL, Chaput B.

Evaluation of the risk of post-operative bleeding complications in skin cancer surgery without interruption of anticoagulant/antithrombotic medication: A prospective cohort study
Shipkov H, Irthum C, Seguin P, Mojallal A, Braye F.

Reactivation of Clostridium tertium bone infection 30 years after the Iran-Iraq war
Virot E, Servien E, Laurent F, Ferry T; Lyon Bone and Joint Infection Study Group.

Medial triceps brachii free flap in reconstructive surgery: a prospective study in eight patients
Delgove A, Leclère FM, Villani F, Piquilloud G, Mojallal A, Casoli V.

Cultured autologous keratinocytes in the treatment of large and deep burns: a retrospective study over 15 years.
Auxenfans C, Menet V, Catherine Z, Shipkov H, Lacroix P, Bertin-Maghit M, Damour O, Braye F.

Determinants of methicillin-susceptible Staphylococcus aureus native bone and joint infection treatment failure: a retrospective cohort study.
Valour F, Bouaziz A, Karsenty J, Ader F, Lustig S, Laurent F, Chidiac C, Ferry T; Lyon BJI study group.

Anatomical study of muscular latissimus dorsi surface vascularized by the transverse branch of thoraco-dorsal artery
Boucher F, Pinatel B, Shipkov H, Mertens P, Rouviere O, Braye F, Mojallal A.

Sequelae after harvesting latissimus dorsi flap and derivates--review
Ismaïl M, Boucher F, Chauvel-Picard J, Shipkov H, Braye F, Mojallal A.

Female genital surgery, G-spot amplification techniques--state of the science
Bachelet JT, Mojallal A, Boucher F.

Free-style local perforator flaps: versatility of the V-Y design to reconstruct soft-tissue defects in the skin cancer population
Chaput B, Garrido I, Pluvy I, Grolleau JL, Mojallal A.

Lift-and-fill face lift: integrating the fat compartments
Rohrich RJ, Ghavami A, Constantine FC, Unger J, Mojallal A.

Optimization of primary aesthetic breast augmentation using implants: an evidence-based level approach
Elfakir H, Shipkov H, Mojallal A.

Superficial femoral artery perforator flap: anatomical study of a new flap and clinical cases
Mojallal A, Boucher F, Shipkov H, Saint-Cyr M, Braye F.

Vascularloops in reconstructive microsurgery: A review of the literature
Shipkov H, Traikova N, Voinov P, Boucher F, Braye F, Mojallal A.

Cultured allogenic keratinocytes for extensive burns: a retrospective study over 15 years
Auxenfans C, Shipkov H, Bach C, Catherine Z, Lacroix P, Bertin-Maghit M, Damour O, Braye F.

Chronic Propionibacterium acnes prosthesis joint infection manifesting as a large abscess with gas, without prosthesis loosening
Lorillou M, Martha B, Chidiac C, Ferry T; Lyon Bone and Joint Infection Study Group.

Clinical equivalence of conventional OnabotulinumtoxinA (900 KDa) and IncobotulinumtoxinA (neurotoxin free from complexing proteins - 150 KDa): 2012 multidisciplinary French consensus in aesthetics
Poulain B, Trevidic P, Clave M, Aharoni C, Baspeyras M, Bui P, Cartier H, Charavel MH, Coulon P, Dahan S, Dallara JM, Delonca D, Dumas L, Essayagh E, Galatoire O, Georgieu N, Grangier Y, Humbert P, Le Pillouer-Prost A, Mojallal A.

Antimicrobial-related severe adverse events during treatment of bone and joint infection due to methicillin-susceptible Staphylococcus aureus
Valour F, Karsenty J, Bouaziz A, Ader F, Tod M, Lustig S, Laurent F, Ecochard R, Chidiac C, Ferry T; Lyon BJI Study Group.

Reciprocal interactions between breast tumor and its adipose microenvironment based on a 3D adipose equivalent model
Delort L, Lequeux C, Dubois V, Dubouloz A, Billard H, Mojallal A, Damour O, Vasson MP, Caldefie-Chézet F.

Atlas of skin perforator arteries of trunk and limbs - guide in the realization of perforator flaps
Boucher F, Mojallal A.

Reconstruction of elbow defect by perforator propeller flap of the brachial region--clinical observation
Boucher F, La Marca S, Delay E, Mojallal A.

Esthetic gluteal remodeling by fat grafting
Ho Quoc C, Mojallal A, Delay E.

Preoperative computed tomographic angiography and perforator flaps: a standardization of the protocol
Boucher F, Moutran M, Boutier R, Papillard M, Rouviere O, Braye F, Mojallal A.

Aesthetic gluteal region reconstruction with a perforator artery flap
Ho Quoc C, Boucher F, Meeus P, Boespflug A, Neidhart EM, Delay E.

Subcutaneous fat tissue engineering using autologous adipose-derived stem cells seeded onto a collagen scaffold
Lequeux C, Oni G, Wong C, Damour O, Rohrich R, Mojallal A, Brown SA.

Transtibial amputation salvage with a cutaneous flap based on posterior tibial perforators
Boucher F, Ho Quoc C, Pinatel B, Thiney PO, Mojallal A.

Semiology for gluteal remodeling by lipofilling
Ho Quoc C, Mojallal A.

The effect of the columellar strut graft on nasal tip position in primary rhinoplasty
Rohrich RJ, Kurkjian TJ, Hoxworth RE, Stephan PJ, Mojallal A.

Fat grafting: evidence-based review on autologous fat harvesting, processing, reinjection, and storage
Gir P, Brown SA, Oni G, Kashefi N, Mojallal A, Rohrich RJ.

Pedicled-perforator (propeller) flaps in lower extremity defects: a systematic review
Gir P, Cheng A, Oni G, Mojallal A, Saint-Cyr M.

Human adipose stem cells: current clinical applications
Gir P, Oni G, Brown SA, Mojallal A, Rohrich RJ.

Breast reconstruction using muscle sparing latissimus dorsi flap and fat grafting
Veber M, Guerin AN, Faure C, Delay E, Mojallal A.

Diagnosis and treatment management of basal cell skin carcinoma - guidelines analysis
Pinatel B, Mojallal A.

Preoperative computed tomographic angiography and perforator flaps: a standardization of the protocol
Boucher F, Moutran M, Boutier R, Papillard M, Rouviere O, Braye F, Mojallal A.

Poland syndrome and breast tumor: a case report and review of the literature
Mojallal A, La Marca S, Shipkov C, Sinna R, Braye F.

Modifications to extend the transverse upper gracilis flap in breast reconstruction: clinical series and results
Saint-Cyr M, Wong C, Oni G, Maia M, Trussler A, Mojallal A, Rohrich RJ.

Clinical analyses of clustered microcalcifications after autologous fat injection for breast augmentation
Veber M, Tourasse C, Moutran M, Mojallal A.

The low transverse extended latissimus dorsi flap based on fat compartments of the back for breast reconstruction: anatomical study and clinical results
Bailey SH, Saint-Cyr M, Oni G, Wong C, Maia M, Nguyen V, Pessa JE, Colohan S, Rohrich RJ, Mojallal A.

Retrospective study of third degree cervico-facial burns
Dlimi C, Shipkov C, Lacroix P, Moutran M, Braye F, Mojallal A.

A simple way to reconstruct a human 3-d hypodermis: a useful tool for pharmacological functionality
Lequeux C, Auxenfans C, Thépot A, Géloën A, André V, Damour O, Mojallal A.

Dermolipectomy of the lateral thoracic fat compartment in secondary breast reconstruction revision: Anatomical and clinical results
Oni G, Saint-Cyr M, Maia M, Wong C, Colohan S, Pessa J, Rohich R, Mojallal A.

Free tissue transfer in acute burns
Oni G, Saint-Cyr M, Mojallal A.

Adipose-derived stem cells (ASCs) as a source of endothelial cells in the reconstruction of endothelialized skin equivalents
Auxenfans C, Lequeux C, Perrusel E, Mojallal A, Kinikoglu B, Damour O.

Dorsal aesthetic lines in rhinoplasty: a quantitative outcome-based assessment of the component dorsal reduction technique
Mojallal A, Ouyang D, Saint-Cyr M, Bui N, Brown SA, Rohrich RJ.

Anatomical study of the medial gastrocnemius muscle flap: a quantitative assessment of the arc of rotation
Veber M, Vaz G, Braye F, Carret JP, Saint-Cyr M, Rohrich RJ, Mojallal A.

Influence of age and body mass index on the yield and proliferation capacity of adipose-derived stem cells
Mojallal A, Lequeux C, Shipkov C, Duclos A, Braye F, Rohrich R, Brown S, Damour O.

The endoscopic latissimus dorsi flap harvest: advantages and technical drawbacks
Shipkov C, Mojallal A, Uchikov A, Stefanova P, Braye F.

Stem cells, mature adipocytes, and extracellular scaffold: what does each contribute to fat graft survival?
Mojallal A, Lequeux C, Shipkov C, Rifkin L, Rohrich R, Duclos A, Brown S, Damour O.

The posterior-based buccinator myomucosal flap for palatal defects
Shipkov H, Stefanova P, Hadjiev B, Uchikov A, Djambazov K, Mojallal A.

The extended transverse musculocutaneous gracilis flap: vascular anatomy and clinical implications
Wong C, Mojallal A, Bailey SH, Trussler A, Saint-Cyr M.

Radiographic findings after breast augmentation by autologous fat transfer
Veber M, Tourasse C, Toussoun G, Moutran M, Mojallal A, Delay E.

The five-step lower blepharoplasty: blending the eyelid-cheek junction
Rohrich RJ, Ghavami A, Mojallal A.

Adipose derived stem cells: efficiency, toxicity, stability of BrdU labeling and effects on self-renewal and adipose differentiation
Lequeux C, Oni G, Mojallal A, Damour O, Brown SA.

Distally based adipofascial sural flap for foot and ankle reconstruction
Mojallal A, Shipkov CD, Braye F, Breton P.

The adipose tissue transfer in the mammary parenchyma (part II): Review of the literature on the carcinologic risks
Garrido I, Leguevaque P, Gangloff D, Mojallal A.

Redefining the vascular anatomy and clinical applications of the sartorius muscle and myocutaneous flap
Mojallal A, Wong C, Shipkov C, Ho Quoc C, Recchiuto J, Brown S, Rohrich RJ, Saint-Cyr M.

The adipose tissue transfer in the mammary parenchyma (part I): Review of the literature on modifications of the radiological images
Garrido I, Leguevaque P, Gangloff D, Mojallal A.

Basic science review on adipose tissue for clinicians
Brown SA, Levi B, Lequeux C, Wong VW, Mojallal A, Longaker MT.

Treatment of a severe extensive cutaneous chronic GVHD after allo-HSCT using glycerolyzed skin allografts and cultured epidermis from the same donor
Crocchiolo R, Nicolini FE, Sobh M, Ducastelle-Lepretre S, Labussiere H, Dubois V, Auxenfans C, Mojallal A, Damour O, Braye F, Michallet M.

The posterior thigh flap for ischial pressure sores
Shipkov C, Hadjiev B, Stefanova P, Mojallal A, Uchikov A.

The single dominant medial row perforator DIEP flap in breast reconstruction: three-dimensional perforasome and clinical results
Bailey SH, Saint-Cyr M, Wong C, Mojallal A, Zhang K, Ouyang D, Arbique G, Trussler A, Rohrich RJ.

Lateral supragenicular pedicle perforator flap: clinical results and vascular anatomy
Nguyen AT, Wong C, Mojallal A, Saint-Cyr M.

Breast reconstruction with the latissimus dorsi flap: women's preference for scar location
Bailey S, Saint-Cyr M, Zhang K, Mojallal A, Wong C, Ouyang D, Maia M, Zhang S, Rohrich RJ.

Vascular supply of the distally based superficial sural artery flap: surgical safe zones based on component analysis using three-dimensional computed tomographic angiography
Mojallal A, Wong C, Shipkov C, Bailey S, Rohrich RJ, Saint-Cyr M, Brown SA.

Madelung disease: on the morphologic criteria for diagnosis and treatment
Hadjiev B, Stefanova P, Shipkov C, Uchikov A, Mojallal A.

Perforasomes of the DIEP flap: vascular anatomy of the lateral versus medial row perforators and clinical implications
Wong C, Saint-Cyr M, Mojallal A, Schaub T, Bailey SH, Myers S, Brown S, Rohrich RJ.

New abdominal flap design for breast reconstruction in association with the thoracoabdominal flap
Mojallal A, Shipkov C, Braye F, Saint-Cyr M, Rohrich R.

Calf augmentation with autologous tissue injection
Veber M Jr, Mojallal A.

Breast reduction in gigantomastia using the posterosuperior pedicle: an alternative technique, based on preservation of the anterior intercostal artery perforators
Mojallal A, Moutran M, Shipkov C, Saint-Cyr M, Rohrich RJ, Braye F.

Optimization of a culture medium for the differentiation of preadipocytes into adipocytes in a monolayer
Lequeux C, Auxenfans C, Mojallal A, Sergent M, Damour O.

The perforasome theory: vascular anatomy and clinical implications
Saint-Cyr M, Wong C, Schaverien M, Mojallal A, Rohrich RJ.

Three- and four-dimensional arterial and venous perforasomes of the internal mammary artery perforator flap
Wong C, Saint-Cyr M, Rasko Y, Mojallal A, Bailey S, Myers S, Rohrich RJ.

Improvement of skin quality after fat grafting: clinical observation and an animal study
Mojallal A, Lequeux C, Shipkov C, Breton P, Foyatier JL, Braye F, Damour O.

Muscle-sparing latissimus dorsi flap. Vascular anatomy and indications in breast reconstruction
Mojallal A, Saint-Cyr M, Wong C, Veber M, Braye F, Rohrich R.

Influence of the recipient site on the outcomes of fat grafting in facial reconstructive surgery
Mojallal A, Shipkov C, Braye F, Breton P, Foyatier JL.

On "Maximizing the reliability and safety of the distally based sural artery flap (J Reconstr Microsurg 2008;24:589-594)"
Mojallal A, Wong C, Bailey S, Rohrich R, Saint-Cyr M.

Autologous fat transfer: controversies and current indications for breast surgery
Mojallal A, Saint-Cyr M, Garrido I.

Foot defect with vascular and neural injury due to freshwater stingray sting: reconstruction with a lesser saphenous vein adipo-fascial flap
Moutran M, Mojallal A, Chekaroua K, Martin E, Braye F.

Evolution of three dimensional skin equivalent models reconstructed in vitro by tissue engineering
Auxenfans C, Fradette J, Lequeux C, Germain L, Kinikoglu B, Bechetoille N, Braye F, Auger FA, Damour O.

Influence of negative pressure when harvesting adipose tissue on cell yield of the stromal-vascular fraction
Mojallal A, Auxenfans C, Lequeux C, Braye F, Damour O.

Does adipose tissue cultured with collagen matrix and preadipocytes give comparable results to the standard technique in plastic surgery ?
Mojallal A, Lequeux C, Auxenfans C, Braye F, Damour O.

Contributions and results of lipo-structure in repair and rejuvenation of frontal anatomical unit
Chichery A, Mojallal A, Voulliaume D, Comparin JP, Foyatier JL.

Gigantomastia--a classification and review of the literature
Mojallal A, Moutran M, Martin E, Braye F.

Conditions for successful chest wall reconstruction with silicone prosthesis in male patients with Poland anomaly
Shipkov CD, Mojallal A.

Porous matrix and primary-cell culture: a shared concept for skin and cornea tissue engineering
Auxenfans C, Builles N, Andre V, Lequeux C, Fievet A, Rose S, Braye FM, Fradette J, Janin-Manificat H, Nataf S, Burillon C, Damour O.

Analysis of a series of autologous fat tissue transfer for lower limb atrophies
Mojallal A, Veber M, Shipkov C, Ghetu N, Foyatier JL, Braye F.

The keystone island and pedicle flap: a handy local flap for soft tissue reconstruction
Shipkov CD, Mojallal A.

Merkel cell carcinoma vs. basal cell carcinoma: histopathologic challenges
Shipkov CD, Dumollard JM, Mojallal A, Seguin P.

Breast reconstruction in Poland anomaly with endoscopically-assisted latissimus dorsi muscle flap and autologous fat tissue transfer: a case report and review of the literature
Mojallal A, Shipkov C, Braye F.

French National Authority for Health (HAS) report on changes in recommended bandaging practice for acute and chronic wounds. How and why ? Principal results and practical consequences
Chaby G, Vaneau M, Senet P, Guillot B, Chosidow O; Groupe de Travail Pansements de la HAS.

L'Equin du Pied dans un Contexte de Brulure Grave - Interet du Bilan Photographique
Girbon JP, Maligot B, Coiffier E, Gonzalez-Gutierrez L, Gaussorgues C, Lacroix P, Braye F.

The superior pedicle mammaplasty for the treatment of pedunculous breast
Papalia I, d'Alcontres FS, Colonna MR, Mojallal AM, Foyatier JL.

Cheek defect reconstruction with a vertical translation flap: nine cases
Caquant L, Mojallal A, Collin AC, Bouletreau P, Breton P.

The importance of muscle-sparing thoracotomy for the treatment of postresectional complications after thoracotomy
Shipkov C, Mojallal A, Uchikov A.

About cover of ballistic wounds of distal third of leg in civilian ways
Chichery A, Mojallal A, Soubirac L, Breton P.

Hand allografts : experience from Lyon team
Gazarian A, Abrahamyan DO, Petruzzo P, Kanitakis J, Guigal V, Garret J, Rizzo C, Durand PY, Fredenucci JF, Streichenberger T, Parmentier H, Galewicz T, Guillot M, Sirigu A, Burloux G, Morelon E, Braye F, Badet L, Martin X, Dubernard JM, Eljaafari A.

Immediate nipple reconstruction during immediate autologous latissimus breast reconstruction
Delay E, Mojallal A, Vasseur C, Delaporte T.

Limb salvage in proximal humerus malignant tumors: the place of free vascularized fibular graft
Hriscu M, Mojallal A, Breton P, Bouletreau P, Carret JP.

Scientific bases of fat transfer. Critical review of the literature
Sinna R, Delay E, Garson S, Mojallal A.

Use of allogenic epidermal sheets for difficult wound healing: selection and testing of relevant growth factors
Auxenfans C, Colloud M, Debard AL, Braye FM, Amini M, Allombert-Blaise V, Builles N, Claudy A, Damour O.

Severe hand burns and flaps: indications
Voulliaume D, Mojallal A, Comparin JP, Foyatier JL.

Reduction mammaplasty using superior pedicle in macromastia
Mojallal A, Comparin JP, Voulliaume D, Chichery A, Papalia I, Foyatier JL.

Hidradenitis suppurativa and cancer
Montagliani L, Monneuse O, Braye F, Barth X, Claudy A, Tissot E.

Skin substitutes reconstructed in the laboratory: application in burn treatment
Braye F, Hautier A, Bouez C, Damour O.

Venous thromboprophylaxis in burn patient
Bertin-Maghit M, Bargues L, Jaber S, Braye F, Marduel YN.

Use of an artificial dermis (Integra) for the reconstruction of extensive burn scars in children. About 22 grafts
Groos N, Guillot M, Zilliox R, Braye FM.

Clinical evaluation of structural fat tissue graft (Lipostructure) in volumetric facial restoration with face-lift. About 100 cases
Foyatier JL, Mojallal A, Voulliaume D, Comparin JP.

The effect of different factors on the survival of transplanted adipocytes
Mojallal A, Foyatier JL.

Historical review of the use of adipose tissue transfer in plastic and reconstructive surgery
Mojallal A, Foyatier JL.

Donor site morbidity after free fibula flap. Report of 42 consecutive cases
Mojallal A, Besse JL, Breton P.

Surgical management of cutaneous necrosis in the purpura fulminans: report of 2 clinical cases
Bichet JC, Mojallal A, Delay E, Ziad S, Foyatier JL.

Preoperative pneumoperitoneum used for tissue expansion before abdominal wall reconstruction
Braye FM, Breton P, Caillot JL.

Cultured epidermis for the treatment of severe burns. A 2-year study (18 patients)
Braye F, Dumortier R, Bertin-Maghit M, Girbon JP, Tissot E, Damour O.

Reconstructive surgery using an artificial dermis (Integra): results with 39 grafts
Dantzer E, Braye FM.

Grafting of large pieces of human reconstructed skin in a porcine model
Braye FM, Stefani A, Venet E, Pieptu D, Tissot E, Damour O.

Airbag-caused burns
Dumortier R, Dantzer E, Braye F.

Advantages of using a bank of allogenic keratinocytes for the rapid coverage of extensive and deep second-degree burns
Braye F, Pascal P, Bertin-Maghit M, Colpart JJ, Tissot E, Damour O.

French legal framework relating to human tissues and cells
Pascal P, Damour O, Colpart JJ, Braye F.

Widely meshed autograft associated with cultured autologous epithelium for the treatment of major burns in children: report of 12 cases
Braye F, Oddou L, Bertin-Maghit M, Belgacem S, Damour O, Spitalier P, Guillot M, Bouchard C, Gueugniaud PY, Goudeau M, Petit P, Tissot E.

Keratinocytes influence the maturation and organization of the elastin network in a skin equivalent
Duplan-Perrat F, Damour O, Montrocher C, Peyrol S, Grenier G, Jacob MP, Braye F.

Burn sequelae in developing countries
Zilliox R, Borsche A, Braye F.

Dorso-lumbalgia and colorectal pathology
Tissot E, Potier V, François Y, Bonnefoy M, Barth X, Braye F.

Burns of the palm of the hand, treated in ambulatory care
Girbon JP, Braye F, Harcquel C, Brunier L.

Osteosynthesis using intrafocal nailing of low subcondylar fractures in adults. Surgical technics and initial results
Franc C, Braye F, Ngotene R, Breton P, Freidel M.

Osseointegration in cortical sheep bone of calcium phosphate implants evaluated by PIXE method and histology
Braye F, Weber G, Irigaray JL, Frayssinet P.

Extensive burns caused by the abusive use of photosensitizing agents
Braye F, Latarjet J, Foyatier JL, Comparin JP, Tranchand P, Boucaud C.

Use of gastro-omental free flaps in major neck defects
Breton P, Braye F.

Moebius syndrome: therapeutic proposals from 2 cases
Braye F, Souchere B, Franc C, Freidel M.

Cover of the Achilles tendon by peroneus brevis and flexor hallucis longus flaps. Apropos of 5 clinical cases
Braye F, Versier G, Comtet JJ, Rogissart F, Allouard L.

The Abbe-Estlander flap: anatomic basis, surgical technic and indications for lip repair
Franc C, Braye F, Breton P, Freidel M.

Treatment of burns in infants
Foyatier JL, Latarjet J, Comparin JP, Zaragori M, Robert A, Braye F, Weill E, Masson CL.

The gastro-omental flap: a secreting mucous flap for reconstruction of the oropharynx and the oral cavity
Braye F, Breton P, Caillot JL, Franc C, Freidel M.

Malformed callus of the mandible: functional and esthetic correction
Souchère B, Braye F, Breton P, Cros P, Freidel M.